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For some people, nothing beats carpet – especially if you want to make your commercial space feel warm, comfortable and inviting. Whatever colour you're looking for and whichever finish you prefer, you'll be able to find the carpet or carpet tiles you're looking for at Brighouse Flooring – available to suit all budgets - we cover the whole of the Yorkshire area.

Durable contract carpets and tiling

Contact Brighouse Flooring today and one of our flooring experts will discuss whether contract carpet or carpet tiles are the correct choice for your surface.

  • A wide range of styles, colours and patterns to suit your décor

  • Carpet on the roll or carpet tiles

  • Specialist finishes to protect from moisture, heavy footfall, staining etc.

  • Tough durable flooring which is a much softer option than vinyl or laminate

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Fibre bonded carpet

  • Impervious gel backed carpet

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BFC shield carpet

BFC Shield Carpet is manufactured in the UK and is designed to be loose laid directly onto a sound hard floor surface. Delivered in 2m wide roll form, shield carpet is an easy to lay textile floor covering which will protect the surface underneath whilst providing an attractive and durable carpet floor covering.

Shield carpet is ideal for covering sports halls, polished wood, vinyl and other floors when not being used for their primary purpose. You simply roll out the 2m wide rolls, cut with a Stanley knife and join the seams on the top surface using black 100mm wide industrial hook tape such as Velcro.

Entrance matting

Entrance matting is essential for any access point to your premises. People constantly walking in and out, especially in bad weather, is going to have a detrimental effect on the flooring throughout your building, whether it’s a school, church, office block or retail outlet. Entrance matting provides an attractive, durable, extra layer of protection for your floors, reduces the risk of slips and falls and reduces maintenance costs. It will also significantly reduce the amount of moisture and dirt walked in on people’s shoes. In a lot of cases it is also a requirement for health & safety reasons in line with the Equality Act 2010. It comes in a variety of materials and colours and can even be custom made to include logos

If you are interested in contract carpet tiles or carpets, just get in touch

Brighouse Flooring can also provide the finishing details such as stair nosings, step inserts, stair treads and more - call our team on: 01484 401199

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